Bag Filters &
Filter Cells

K.P.A.F has an extremely versatile range of bagfilters. Each filter employs state-of-the-art technology and is well thought out and finished down to the smallest detail. The HQ series (fibreglass filter medium) is characterized by aerodynamic inlets and a long service life. You can choose from four efficiencies, ranging from 45% to 95% (ASHRAE discoloration test).In addition to this large-area filter, K.P.A.F can offer you a wide range of synthetic bag filters with efficiencies varying between 25% and 99% (ASHRAE discoloration test, standard 52.1-1992, (Eurovent 4/5, klasse EU3/EU9). K.P.A.F. can produce the filters in any size you require. This renders it possible to fit virtually any installation with these top quality bagfilters.

HEPA Filters

K..P.A.F is introducing innovations in the field of HEPA filters. Using state-of-the-art technology K.P.A.F not only supply conventional HEPA filters but also extended surface HEPA filters, manufactured for a flow rate of 3600 m3/h at an initial resistance of 250 Pa, for example. Depending on the application, we can deliver these filters with efficiencies from 95% to 99.99996% (as per the NaCI test, Eurovent standard 4/4 and DOP test). K.P.A.F. can supply the filters for all makes and applications.

Spraybooth Filters

K.P.A.F. filter material is manufactured with the greatest care and is subjected to continuous quality control. K.P.A.F delivers exclusively according to international test standards.

  • Paint Arrestors Spray Paint Booth Floor Filter (paint stop)
  • G3 or G4 Pre-filters in rolls or bag filters according to any spray booth type
  • M5 resin impregnated ceiling filters