Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are incorporated in pipe and duct systems to take up thermal expansion, pressure, vibration and misalignment, thereby preventing damage to the pipe-work or ducting system.

K.P.A.F.® expansion joints are manufactured in round, rectangular and oval shapes, as transition pieces, and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

With the development of leather and synthetic fibers, it is possible to make a flexible connector which permits movement in all directions. Proven for installation as flexible connectors in air and gas conveying ductwork systems, leather and fabric expansion joints are designed to provide relief by absorbing movements.

They are resistant to aging and radiation and also act as thermal and acoustic isolators. Expansion joints are vital components in most energy and industrial plants today. They are installed in air and flue gas duct systems in all power plants, FGD systems, gas turbine systems, diesel engine installations, petrochemical and chemical plants, incinerators, pump systems, cement works, steel works, on- and offshore systems, ships and cruise vessels, etc.

Fabric expansion joints are customized to the customer's individual needs from a variety of fabric and leather materials, all specially developed for the use in high-temperature applications or aggressive environments. For this very reason, fabric and leather expansion joints from K.P.A.F.® offer almost unlimited flexibility and numerous design possibilities for special demands.