Bulk Loading Telescopic Bellows

Bulk Loading Telescopic Bellow's are for the loading of tankers, open trucks, railway trucks, barges and ships with powders and granular materials, K.P.A.F. offers a complete range of Telescopic Loading Bellows with strongly user-oriented design features and with variety of materials.

Bulk Loading Telescopic Bellows is designed to discharge powder / granular based products while minimising the escape of dust to atmosphere.

Greaten Lift at Low Over-All Height

With the retracted loading tube it must be possible to pass completely under a silo or bridge crane. During loading operations the tubing must be pulled out to such an extend to reach the smallest silo car or an open truck near the ground if necessary

All - Weatherproof Bulkchute®

Loading tubings are being used in manufacturing plants but also in open areas, K.P.A.F. manufacture the Bulkchute®. A telescopic bellow especially for conveyor belts and any other application of high free fall dusty materials. The Bulkchute® is all ready used in mines, quarries, crasher plants, Ship loading and many other applications. The Bulkchute® won the 2nd Price of the 1st European Awards for Cyprus Small to Medium Enterprises from the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry of Cyprus for the 2007. View Bulkchute®

Long Duration

Excessive abrasion, aggressive chemicals and many other features of loads have to be taken into consideration, with wear materials our bellows achieved the longer life time. Therefore the correct choice out of a variety of respective materials is most important. the material used for making loading tubings must be resistant to solar radiation and rain as well as to frost.