Technical features

4V/292 filter element for GAS TURBINE sector, fully burnable, without any toxic gas emission.
Filter medium: glass fiber, water repellency treatment and dual layer renforced structure standard and energy save (30%) versions.
Separators: automatic dispensing of thermoplastic wires (minipleat technique), which allow to optimize air flow, maintaning a constant pitch between pleats through their depth.
Frame: self-draining in MOPLEN (PPE), higher tensilen strength, lower density, higher termic resistance, higher abrasion resistance than polystyrene frames.
Sealing system: hard PUR automatically dispensed inside V elements and in side frame.
Outer protection grids: moulded HD polyethylene on all minipleat panels air outlet side (clean side).
Gasket: seamless type in semiexpanded PUR automatically dispensed.

Technical data

UNI EN 779:2012 class F9
Average efficiency at 0,4 μm 95% < Em
Frame colour Black & Red
Dimensions 592x592x292 mm
Filtering surface 20 m²
Initial pressure drop  
Nominal air flow 3400m³/h 118 Pa
Nominal air flow 4250m³/h 160 Pa
Final recommended pressure drop  
Nominal air flow 3400m³/h 650 Pa
Nominal air flow 4250m³/h  
Burst strength 5000 Pa
Max working temperature 70° C
Max working relative humidity 100%
Regenerability NO

Fully potted by PUR

Outer protection grids fon all minipleat panels in moulded HD polyethylene

Constructive features

1. Gaskets: Semi-expanded PUR seamless type
2. Upper flanges and bottom ends: epoxy grey painted steel 8/10.
3. Sealant: hard neutral PU.
4. Outer liner: expanded galvanised steel, rhomboidal mesh 20x10 mm, feed 1,5mm, thickness 8/10.
5. Filtering media: pleated media composed by blend of cellulose and synthetic fibres (80/20) with a surface treatment of nano fibers, our ref. M92NF, resistant to humidity and to solicitations of pulse-jet counter flow compressed air, expressly studied for gas turbines applications. This filter media fulfil dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69 annex AA and class efficiency F9 according to EN779:2012

6.Inner liner: expanded galvanised steel, romboidhal mesh 20x10 mm, feed 1,5mm, thickness 8/10.
7. Pleat lock system: automatic dispensing of n° 5 hot-melt bands and pitch maintenance through “dimple pleat” system.

Reference TS1553/12NF   TS1553/13NF
UNI EN779:2012 Class   F9  
EUROVENT Class   EU9  

UNI 10339 efficiency prosp.V

(atmospheric test method)

ASHRAE Class   MERV 15  
Height 660 mm   660 mm
Top flange dimensions DE450 mm DI330 mm   DE324 mm DI213 mm
Bottom end dimensions DE324 mm DI213 mm   DE324 mm F30 mm
Gasket sealing diameter top side 420 mm   278 mm
Gasket sealing diameter bottom side 242 mm   none
Filter Area 23 m2   21 m2
Number of pleats 357   326
Initial pressure drop   163 Pa  
Nominal air flow   2500 m3/hEm≤95%  
Max working temperature   80 °C  
Max. working RH   90%