Filtration and Future Development Trends in Industrial Processes

Dry filtration by means of fabric filters is the base of many industrial processes and it often affects their development and evolution possibilities.

As production technologies presently cannot neglect ecology and environmental hygienic needs and thane the problems of energy recovery any longer, filtration plays a more essential role in projecting and running many industrial units.

In the specific field of fumes and gas-dust separation, filtration technologies became very sophisticated due to new unit design conceptions, and to new available filter media.

Nowadays most critical problems can be successfully taken up and solved on the basis of the amount of acquired experiences.

Filter Media Selection:

When the proper filter medium has to be selected to achieve parameters which might affect such selection.

When collecting dusts by means of textile filter media, variables which should be well investigated are:

  • Chemical and Physical working conditions
  • Dust and Flow gas nature
  • Required separation degree
  • Type of collector installed
  • Tailoring of the filter media