Company Profile
Since 1980 being a manufacturer you will be concerned with separation and pollution control. Improved product quality, higher throughout, increased yield, the recovery of valuable products and a safer, cleaner working environment result from efficient separation. K.P.A.F Filter bags are first choice for efficient dry filtration. Our needled and woven fabrics range has been developed to active optimum performance from your filtration equipment.

In today's world, the secure and efficient provision of environmental protection is an element of industrial life.
The product range offered by our company continues to expand through extensive research and development initiatives providing a range of enviromental control media including products for fabric filters used within power stations, incinerators, metal smelting, cement and other areas of dust collection.

Our factory is based in Kalavassos (Larnaca Province) - Cyprus, but our products can be found in any placed in the entire island (Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni).
  -Reduced Energy Costs

-Lower Emission

-Less Maintenance

-Fewer Replacements
Suitable for a very wide range of industries, including:
Iron & Steel
PVC and general collection duties

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